2 thoughts on “005 JAFMM Podcast: Tech-Hell”

  1. True story.

    I listened to the failure to record podcast while driving to a court hearing in a neighboring county. I laughed over how frustrating it was for you guys to have to do so much of the same material you guys had already done and how basically after a while you guys started going double time to get through it again. So I show up to court, where the court was supposed to have a Polycom (video conference) set up for me to communicate with my client privately since he’s currently in prison. Well, that was all messed up, so technical failure one in the books. Eventually I was able to speak with him and discuss what would happen during the hearing. Next step was to go in front of the Judge and place a few things on the record and take some testimony. After we go through ALL THAT STUFF, in a very formal, slow, methodical fashion, the Judge’s clerk comes rushing into the courtroom and tells him … HE FORGOT TO HIT THE RECORD BUTTON!

    So, we had to do it all over again, and after about two minutes, the Judge realized, you know what, screw the formal stuff, and just double timed it by summarizing everything we had previously done and was like “if anyone has a problem with that, tough.”

    But thanks for the Top 6 games to play with your wife!

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